Silversea – Day 3, July 10 – - Calvi, Corsica

October 28th, 2014

Today we arrive in the quaint port of Calvi Corsica, reputedly the birthplace of Christopher Columbus.  After enjoying a wonderful breakfast aboard, we decided to walk the streets and enjoy the local calmness that was upon us and to burn a few calories.

Arriving in Calvi, Corsica


Calvi, Corsica – The Wind


Boardwalk in Calvi


Boardwalk in Calvi


End of the Boardwalk – - the Citadel in the background


End of the Boardwalk


Calvi, Corsica


Outside the Citadel


The shore of the Citadel


The shore of the Citadel


Climbing the steps of the citadel made me extremely thirsty which led to several rounds of Peach Bellinis – - hard liquor may I add.  The chosen spot for this carefree afternoon was done knowing we were only steps away from the ship.

Bellini Time!!!!


STRONG Bellinis


Round One…..and two to follow


After getting to know the staff really well… was time to head back to the ship for a mid-day snack and to rest up for dinner as relaxation mode never ended.

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Silversea – Day 2, July 9 – Olbia, Italy

October 27th, 2014


Ahhh…Olbia, Italy – -  Welcome to Porto Cervo.

Situated in northern Sardinia, this oasis is considered to be one of many playgrounds for the ultra wealthy and elite connoisseurs of the best life has to offer.  My time here was just what I needed to reinforce Glacon’s desire for life’s sweet relishes.  Enchanted by the natural beauty of this place and its inhabitants, I found myself in a very intriguing and delightful space.  Brioni and Hubolt added something special to this quite and quaint little piece of paradise – - one can only hope this reality never ends.  With exquisite yachts, a great little wine shop and a marvelous showroom of elegant Rolls-Royces all at your fingertips, what more could you ask for???


Porto Cervo


Porto Cervo


Porto Cervo


Porto Cervo


Porto Cervo


Porto Cervo


Ahhh…..the African Queen – - what a delight.  And to see Lady Moura in Porto Cervo was a treat as my last glimpse of this majestic beauty was in Monaco!!!


African Queen


Lady Moura


Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo is a combination of Palm Beach, Beverly Hills and Capri.  I was totally tempted to breakout in song in hopes of securing a life-long gig in Port Cervo but soon realized, you don’t come here to work – - you come here to play.  The sites were just glorious and a sweet reminder as to why I make time to take the two hour flight to Palm Beach as often as I do.  And now we are off to enjoy a little Cannonau!!!!


Vigne Surra

© Vigne Surrau – – Courtesy of Vigne Surrau

Our next stop was Vigne Surra.  A gorgeous winery with some very impressive wines and amazing hospitality.  For those of you who thrive on antioxidants,  Surra’s Cannonau is what you want to consume.  I’m a big believer in the benefits derived from antioxidants and when you find a wine that’s packed with them, why one must consume until your heart’s content.  And I did!!!!

Arriving at Surrar, you immediately feel the artistic energy that runs through the property and once you have the opportunity to consume the wines you’ll also experience Surrar’s essence.  Being greeted by rows of ripening Vermentino and an olive treat that’s over a hundred years old, you can’t help but gain a greater appreciation for nature and man’s dance with it.   This immaculate winery has managed to bring wine and design together in a very natural and complimentary way.  Not only does wine and design inspire each other they also inspire the artist within.  Finesse, elegance and power are present in both which leads you to wonder who’s inspiring who – - the combination is a dynamic one.








Olive Tree







After touring the winery we had the opportunity to sit and sip or should I say sit and savor. With a spectacular view, excellent wines and hearty snacks, I was in total relaxation mode.  Our driver for the day was in total control so we spared no expense.

Winery View






Winery View








The Perfect Combination


Round #?????




Hats of to Stefano for treating us to a wonderful afternoon and educating us on Surrau.  I never saw the bottom of my glass which was the perfect ending to an amazing encounter with some wonderful passionate wine growers and makers.

Drink more Cannonau — it’s all about the antioxidants.

Drink up and stay Healthy and Happy!!!!



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Silversea – - Rome to Nice!!!! How I Spent My Summer

October 9th, 2014

After spending three days in heavenly comfort at Cavalieri,  it was time to set sail on Silversea.  The scenic forty-five minute drive to Civitavecchia was as peaceful and uneventful as one could hope to experience.  Securely strapped in and gazing upon the horizon as our driver tested the speed of the elegant Mercedes E350,  I couldn’t help but laugh as I wished my high school, “How I  spent my summer” reports were made of experiences like Silversea — ahhhh, but better late than never!!!

As we neared the port of Civitavecchia my excitement grew stronger as this would be the sixth voyage with Silversea.  Knowing what awaited me and the ease of travel that is always superb with Silversea, I lost all cares and simply slipped into nirvana.  Being greeted with properly chilled Champagne set the stage for the kind of luxury and relaxation one expects when doing opulance without being kitsch.  Settling in was a breeze as familiar ground made for a very pleasant and uncomplicated return.  The pleasure of unpacking once, relaxing and enjoying a different port every morning without travel drama is by far the way to travel.  Being back home on “The Wind” was the ideal vessel to experience such pleasure and relaxation.  Experiencing a crew of 222 and 296 guests, exclusivity, privacy and a touch of intimacy is by far the way to do this; there’s a reason why the returns to Silversea keeps happening and this trip was to be no exception.

The map and itinerary below shows what turned out to be a very relaxing and peaceful ten-day getaway.  I’m certain you’ll enjoy the stops in the upcoming posts as the highlighted encounters are sure to whet your palate for plans on an upcoming voyage.  The idea of touching the shores of Italy, Spain and France brought on a sense of personal adventure, fulfillment and oneness  as some of my dearest and closest friends reside within their borders.  Heading to the high seas never felt better!!!

Whether it was returning to Florence for lunch at Dino’s, an exclusive truffle hunting excursion at Savini Tartufi where seven of us struck “Black Gold” with a little help from our four legged friend “Giotto,”  breathtaking views from Hotel Splendido in Portofino, an exceptional lunch and delicious wine at Hotel Miramare in Santa Margherita, drinking “red” Meursault at the Carlton’s beach restaurant in the bay of Cannes where yachts seemed to outnumber the people this return was just perfect with incredible delights that satisfied all appetites.  There was no shortage of a good time as this has always been “My Silversea Experience.”

I look forward to seeing you on the “High Seas.”  Hmmmm……why don’t we plan a group getaway so I can introduce you to some amazing spots and friends????




Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy to Nice, France

Date: Jul 08 2014
Ship: Silver Wind
Duration: 10 days







Jul 08 2014 Tue Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy 6:00 PM
Jul 09 2014 Wed Olbia, Italy 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
Jul 10 2014 Thu Calvi, Corsica, France 8:00 AM 11:00 PM
Jul 11 2014 Fri Portofino, Italy 8:00 AM 11:00 PM
Jul 12 2014 Sat Livorno (Florence), Italy 8:00 AM
Jul 13 2014 Sun Livorno (Florence), Italy 7:00 PM
Jul 14 2014 Mon Cannes, France 8:00 AM 6:00 PM
Jul 15 2014 Tue Barcelona, Spain 1:00 PM
Jul 16 2014 Wed Barcelona, Spain 6:00 PM
Jul 17 2014 Thu Sete, France 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
Jul 18 2014 Fri Nice, France 7:00 AM


As we waited to set sail to Porto Cervo - - the magic began: Wine, Food and making Friends!!!!  This greeting says it all, coming or going.  No one really ever leaves The Eternal City.




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Rome Cavalieri…….La Pergola

September 14th, 2014

© Rome Cavalieri – – Courtesy of Rome Cavalieri

Being the Michelin-starred devotee that I am, I found the perfect spot in all of Roma that proudly holds such merit to indulge in what can only be described as pure decadence – - the one and only Rome Cavalieri.  My admission to having one of the most incredible views overlooking the Eternal City and consuming what can only be described as heavenly inspired cuisine at La Pergola, is an admission that I proudly share and encourage you to experience.  This stay was the height of elegance and the “Fagottelli Carbonara” is the most amazing and memorable pasta dish I’ve ever encountered!!!!  Sorry – - No Nikon at the table this time, phone pics for now.  But you must experience this one in person.

A few shots of my view, accommodations, the Pope’s Garden and dinner are below.

Balcony View of The Eternal City


Balcony view of The Eternal City


View of The Vatican from Cavalieri








Our private tour of the Pope’s garden started with a view of our hotel in the far distance.



View of Cavalieri from Vatican City atop the hill


The Garden


The Garden


The Garden


The Garden


The Garden


The Garden


The Garden


The Garden


The Garden


After touring the immaculate garden and being surrounded by throngs of happy holiday goers, an appetite was in full swing so, back to Cavalieri for a wonderful meal at La Pergola.  The natural beauty encountered before dinner as this glorious blue haze descended upon the Eternal City was just perfect, as this perch speaks to and caters to exclusivity.


Balcony Evening View


Heading to dinner now……..



© Rome Cavalieri – – Courtesy of Rome Cavalieri “La Pergola”


This evening was ideal as the temperature was pleasant even in suits on the veranda overlooking Roma.  In honor of twenty years of amazing cuisine, Chef Heinz Beck designed an award winning menu that even the most exposed palate would be impressed and inspired by.  Here are a few…..


La Pergola – Menu


Carpaccio of scallops on amaranth grain and black corn with ginger oil


Green tortellini with seafood


Crispy red mullet with herbs


“Fagottelli Carbonara”


After Dinner Fireworks – Rome Cavalieri


La Pergola – Signed Menu


From the spectacular view overlooking The Eternal City, to a stroll through the private garden of The Pope and fireworks after dinner at La Pergola, this respite before embarking on the high seas was ideal.  I now pack my bags after three nights at Cavalier for the adventurous and exciting itinerary that awaits me.  I leave you with this most memorable view as it was awe-inspiring.



The evening from my balcony


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Brunch x 2 – Grill Room

September 9th, 2014

My last posting on the Grill Room noted the departure of Chef Esko as he returned to Spain but fear not, the Grill Room is still on point just in case you have yet to stop by.  So, here’s the bottomless pit in action during brunch – - Saturday and Sunday as Junior Sous Chef Emilio Sirera stepped up to the plate with several dishes that got my attention and wowed my palate!!!!  Sleep if you will but know that you’ve been warned….carry on!!!!



Amuse-bouche (pouched egg topped with caviar)


Pork topped with quail egg, scallop topped with caviar, truffles and asparagus


Pastrami Hash (Free range eggs & Yukon gold potato, Spanish onions & Gordy’s Pickles




Domaine Nadine Ferrand “Lise Marie” Pouilly-Fuisse 2008




Crab salad topped with roasted sweet corn foam


Waffles with Candied Walnuts, Berry Compote and Maple Syrup




Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables


Sausages – Fresh Kielbasa & Sweet Italian


Emilio Sirera

After spending several hours enjoying this most amazing “per-Autumn”  weather it was time to call it a day as my brunch fix was complete and a new round of hungry and curious guests arrived.

Emilio thanks for the incredible brunch……hmmmm, I do believe we’re overdue for dinner.  See you this weekend!!!!


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