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Wynton Marsalis…..

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Speechless is what I was on this rare evening when I met Mr. Wynton Marsalis several weeks ago.  During a private event where I was one of the fifty luckiest people in DC to attend, I had the sheer pleasure of hearing Mr. Marsalis up-close and personal as he played several pieces within arm’s reach.  The second most amazing event that evening was the opportunity to actually “talk” to Wynton and I say Wynton not out of disrespect, being the southerner I am, but out of the most incredible connection we made during our conversation – - one southerner to another, one musician to another and one brother to another!!!!  This was truly a life changer.  And Wynton, when you read this you’ll know what it means as this acronym was the first thing out of your mouth – - Y.C.A.M.

So to an unforgettable evening, which allowed for a once in a lifetime experience, I shall forever raise a glass to that which was an incredible blessing and life lesson.

Play on Wynton, Play on!!!!  Thanks for hanging out after dinner and for the down to earth, on the front porch conversation.










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L’Oiseau Blanc – (Modigliani Quartet)

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

The saying “To much of a good thing isn’t good for you,” does not apply to The Peninsula and it definitely does not apply to L’Oiseau Blanc.   The return was much anticipated and the final indulgence was light, as we needed to save room for dinner.

Greeted by Rodolphe and Sylvain, we sat down to another amazing afternoon with top-notch service, delicious food and wine, and a great time with new and old friends!!!  With another spectacular sunny day and an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower all was right with the world and my little piece of heaven.


L’Oiseau Blanc Rooftop


2013 “Hongrie” Saint-Peray M. Chapoutier


2013 “Hongrie” Saint-Peray M. Chapoutier




Chicken Salad & Chicken Salad Sandwich






As luck would have it, two of our dear friends from the Modigliani Quartet were home in Paris and were able to swing by to catch up.  If you do not know this amazing quartet it’s time you did.  We’ve known “The Mods” since 2007 and the musicianship is simply impeccable and flawless.


With Laurent and Philippe


Modigliani Quartet – François Kieffer, Laurent Marfaing, Loic Rio and Philippe Bernhard


After Laurent and Philippe headed out, we decided to hang out a little while longer just to chill before dinner and enjoy a glass of the Weingut Landauer Spätlese Gewürztraminer – - Rodolphe thanks again for  introducing us to this delightful Gewürztraminer.  And again, a million “Thank Yous” to you and Sylvain for making our time at L’Oiseau Blanc an unforgettable experience and one we are dying to repeat.  All the best and see you both very soon!!!!


With Sylvain and Rodolphe


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Restaurant La Marlotte

Monday, June 1st, 2015

Today we are meeting up with a dear friend for lunch.  It has been awhile since we’ve been in Paris at the same time so we took advantage of this rare occasion to catch up and to enjoy a little wine and food.  The friend is Barry Douglas and the restaurant is La Marlotte.  Here are a few pictures of  lunch, us heading to the “record” store and Barry posing for a shot with his CD.

 La Marlotte - Paris

La Marlotte – Paris



2012 Chateau de Chamirey – Mercurey


2012 Chateau de Chamirey


Sea Bass


Skate wing




Profiteroles and Chocolate Sauce


Profiteroles and Chocolate Sauce

 After lunch we made our way to the “record store” to pick up one of Barry’s CDs!!!



Barry, Tony & Moi


Barry & Tony at the “record store….”


By the way, you should make time to get to know Barry’s music and his chamber orchestra, Camerata Ireland. This is a fantastic orchestra with a very powerful and promising message that is being communicated through their music, as well as, their individual backgrounds.

We had such an amazing time catching up, we decided we should carry this into dinner as the lunch was light and we were still craving more wine and food.  So we met up at Shanghai-La’s L’ Abeille!!!


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Two Divas in Three weeks!!!!

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

What are the odds of spending time with two of your favorite singers in the span of 3 weeks and having the sheer pleasure of experiencing the real person enjoying their passion???  It’s extremely rare as are these two amazing Opera Goddesses!!!!

My first encounter with both happened in 2011: Ms. Denyce Graves and Ms. Renée Fleming.  And now in the span of 3 weeks, back in DC, here we are again in 2013.

October 2013 With Ms. Denyce Graves


November 2013 With Ms. Renée Fleming

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Music & Wine at The University Club – 9/10/13

Monday, August 19th, 2013

My past life in the music business on both sides – - radio, retail promotion and marketing as well as wining a “Grammy” as a singer with Arrested Development – - has afforded me the joy and heartaches of experiencing both sides of the musical coin.  Leaving the music industry to focus on the artistry found in wine and food created an opportunity for me to assist fellow musician in their pursuit of  rewarding careers in musical performance.  For the past seven years my focus has been with Young Concert Artists.  YCA, is an amazing organization which nurtures and provides a platform for extraordinary young classical artists to be groomed and heard by major management and recording companies.  If you have not heard of, or had the opportunity to experience YCA, I invite you to join me on September 10th at 6:30 p.m. at the University Club on 16th Street in Washington DC to hear a wonderful performance by a brilliant violinist and enjoy a wine tasting as our “Kick Off” event for the upcoming season.  Please see below details of the event.  It would be great to see you and to welcome you to experience YCA.

You may purchase tickets via this link:

2013 – 2014 YCA Season “Kick Off” and Wine Tasting for Young Professionals

Cheers, to great Music & Wine!!!!



YCA – September 10, 2013 – Kick Off Invitation


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