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La Sirena – - Marcello’s Cucina

Thursday, November 15th, 2012


La Sirena

Ahhh….remnants of another amazing extended weekend in West Palm Beach where the focus is always on the good life.  Being a creature of habit, I wasted no time getting to one of my most favorite restaurants in West Palm – - La Sirena. This was my Saturday night splurge and I have no regrets.

I’ve been coming to La Sirena for the past four years and I’ve never experienced a dish I did not love, nor have I ever felt as if I were dining out.  Since meeting Diane and Marcello, their charm and exquisite food has created this unquenchable desire that only returned visits can attempt to satisfy – - and I’m all about the return.  So countless meals later, I decided it was time to step into the kitchen and witness perfection in motion.  As I made my way to the kitchen, on a “Busy as Hell” Saturday night, I was shocked, no blown away and forever changed by this one man operation.  With his assistant, Mira, who’s  been with him for the past sixteen years, the dishes created deserved to be featured in my Michelin, Never Plan Without It post.  Seriously, this is one place you should make ever effort to get a table and experience what Marcello’s cuisine evokes – - It is life changing, in all the right ways!!!!

I came with camera and appetite.  The plan was to eat my way through the menu and get as many mouthwatering photos of what has to be the most delicious and authentic Italian cuisine outside Italy but, my camera made other plans.  Snap one, awesome escargot and polenta.  Snaps two, three and four, “Perfection” in motion – - Marcello.  And then the shutter failed.  Needless to say I’m extremely disappointed that I could not share photos of the delicate ravioli that simply melted in my mouth or the the Involtini di Pollo Saltrani (a chicken breast pounded thin and stuffed with veal, spinach & cheeses, served with a sauce of black truffles & shallots) that makes one wonder how on earth is this possible or the stunning, palate pleasing 2005 Montevetrano from Silvia Imparto (Campania, Italy).  A wine with excellent depth, harmonious flavors and texture so smooth and soothing it literally enveloped my Involtini di Pollo Saltrani and drew out nuances only the Italians know how to do.    As the evening progressed, the food kept coming and the wine kept flowing thanks to Andreas a.k.a wine god.  With one last try, I reached for my camera to memorialize this return and got one last shot – - Dessert!!!  I emailed Diane in advance to request this dessert.  I was told it’s Marcello’s mother’s secret recipe – -  one he doesn’t know.  So I shall end this with a special thank you to Marcello’s mother for two amazing gifts: Marcello and that remarkable dessert. Oh Diane…..cake and ice cream, PLEASE!!!!!


Escargot & Polenta








The Dessert




La Sirena – West Palm Beach

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Ok, so I have this amazing friend who happens to be an incredible chef with a great sense of humor in West Palm Beach.  I had to post this recent photo because it speaks volumes – - he loves food and knows how to have a great time.  Pictured with Marcello is Dario Cecchini, the most famous butcher in Italy.  If you have not had the chance to dine at  La Sirena – - my heart goes out to you because it’s truly a loss.  Marcello & Diane see you soon and this time I’m bringing the camera with my appetite.  Missing my escargot & polenta!!!!!

Marcello, Dario Cecchini & Marcellino (laughing in the background)

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Boulud to the Rescue – - Stuck in Palm Beach

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

So, the weather in DC caused one more day of pleasure in Palm Beach.  Hmmmmm….is there a better place to be stuck.  Sunday brunch at Café Boulud was great but, the unexpected dinner Monday night was outstanding.

Dom. DU GRAPILLON D’OR ’08 Gigondas












Michael’s French 75s




Cafe Boulud

Palm Beach / South Beach – DRC & Rayas

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Ahhhh….Palm Beach / South Beach where the weather was perfect and those with the perfect body had no problems showing off what being committed really means – - Spring has Sprung.  Being from the old school where nothing comes easy and if it did, you’d think twice before doing “it”, the same applies when it comes to great wine and food. When you experience wine crafted from experience and reverence for terroir, and food prepared with thought and understanding, your palate will not accept anything less.I’m very appreciative of winemakers and chefs who understand the importance of enlighten taste. Who craft their gifts to a “once in a life time experience.” This was how my time in Palm Beach and South Beach started and ended.


First up, The Betts & Scholl wine dinner in Palm Beach. Chef Zach Bell of Café Boulud once again satisfied and enlightened my palate by creating an amazing menu to pair with wines from Master Sommelier Richard Betts and contemporary art collector Dennis Scholl. The wines of Betts & Scholl are simply divine and work incredibly well with food. Dinning with Richard and having access to his insights on wine and living made for an even more special time. Do take the time to enjoy their wines, you will not be disappointed.

With South Beach being so close, not taking advantage of the sights is just tragic. Some pics must remain off-line. You must go and see it for yourself. With all the excitement on Ocean Drive, I prefer to stay at The Tides. This is the ideal spot to watch, be watched and stay removed. I’d heard about and wanted to visit this cool restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental, Azul . What a pleasant surprise. I must say the Moroccan Duck, sorry no photo – - lost in pure bliss, was outstanding, I highly recommend it. Firm and fully of character, the ’02 Giovanni Rosso Barolo was an ideal pairing with the duck. To end this mini feast I was introduced to Inniskillian’s Cabernet Franc – - ideal for those of us who go light on the sweet stuff. Sorry for the camera phone shots, I sometimes travel light.

Back home I did my usual – -Phillips Point. My dear friend and Sommelier, Roxane Shafaee-Moghadam, suggested two amazing wines, both of which I’d never tried and was thrilled they were on the list. The 2002 La Romanée-Conti and 2004 Ch Rayas Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Both wines were outstanding with true representation of their unique terroirs and classic old world styling.